The Most Comprehensive Men's Transformation Program


Join Stefanos and a tribe of inspired men on a 3-month journey as we explore our depths, inner strength and evolve our consciousness  . . . all by following ancient wisdom blended with cutting-edge modern practises


This program is for you if:


You are tired of addictions, pornography and the lies


You need support on your journey


You are tired of unfulfilling jobs, relationships, marriage and life


You are ready to break through your fears, what is limiting you, and what is causing you to play ‘small’ in life


You want to be trusted, revered and respected as a man


You wish to connect with other like minded, healthy, conscious men


You want to live your potential, not just dream about it


You are tired of being angry, frustrated and agressive


You want the freedom to life the life on your terms


You wish to be challenged and grow profoundly

EMBARK ON a 3-month immersive journey for men only

We come together as a tribe of empowered men willing to transform for the better.

To expand our consciousness, access to inner resources and connect, bond and unite as STRONG & empowered men to open our minds and hearts to the world that has been bestowed upon our feet.

You will be guided, facilitated, directed and asked to contribute meaningfully your life experience.

You will not be judged, you will grow, you will be challenged and you will experience being a man through a new lens – a supportive, empowered and life-changing lens. 

You will learn the DIFFERENCE between being a good man and being good at being a man!

Reclaim Your Kingdom – A Warrior’s Code is predicated on the uniquely put together 12 principles, which form The Conscious Warrior Model. This ethos is about reframing the manner in which men behave, become and move through the world. The manner in which we ‘see’ ourselves and the manner in which we learn to forgive, create, release and evolve.

This program is a pragmatic and practical way to evolve our ways leveraging ancient wisdom and modern techniques (such as neuroscience, modern psychology, Eastern mysticism and evolutionary psychology to mention a few) to allow us to be more connected, intelligent, adaptive, strong, inclusive and lovingly open men – to ultimately revere women and children and to learn to step humbly into our authentic power and of course revere ourselves.

Experience Massive Transformation Across Every Area Of  Life

Over the 3 month journey, you will evolve each facet of your life, weaving together a harmonious, empowered, masterful and clear expression of your true masculine potential.


Enhance and connect to yourself with greater precision, compassion, wisdom and care


Lead yourself with purpose and clarity to ensure alignment, empowerment and fulfiment of your deepst desires


Learn how to grow with and into REAL love – Have mind-blowing SEX and love without fear!


No longer shy away from intimacy and immerse into the benefits of deep and close connection


Learn how to powerfully connect to your true sovereign nature and lead laterally


We address your pain points to become WHOLE and have greater access to the wonder of life


Master your body through practices and postures of resilience, STRENGTH and focus


Learn how to communicate your needs and learn how to connect with the needs of those you love


Learn how to powerfully connect to your true sovereign nature and lead laterally


Master meaningful , sacred, personal practice to cultivate enduring and aligned habits


Redefine masculinity, ‘manliness’ and manhood on your terms (and of course with a little help)!


Be the man the world deserves and embody the powerful code of the chivalrous warrior 



Stefanos Sifandos

Stefanos facilitates transformational growth through neuro-empowerment practices, an integration of spiritual praxis and western psychology to improve and enhance the quality of your relationships. Stefanos believes that intimate relationships and sacredness in union is a direct path to enlightenment and freedom.

Immersed in deep men’s empowerment work and intimate relationships, Stefanos merges the best of eastern and western methodologies and philosophies to promote balance, sacredness and joy in life. Using integrative techniques and methods, Stefanos has created programs, models and systems to enhance the quality of your life, your intimate relationships and in essence bring you closer to your potential.

Having worked with elite special forces soldiers, Olympic gold medalists, some of the best fighters (multiple world champions) and leveraging physical challenge, Stefanos has learned much about the male condition. Having also traversed the depths of his own pain, suicidal thoughts and fears profoundly, he has overcome destructive patterns and has faced multiple ‘ego deaths’.

By restructuring and reframing his own masculinity and movement through the world as a man relating to himself, women and his purpose, Stefanos has discovered and created methodologies for navigating the often difficult path of contemporary manhood. Through a deeper connection to God, Earth and self, Stefanos has realised the power of the human spirit. We often avoid challenge, fear and pain, however for the modern man (now more than ever), they are tools for transformation that help us heal universally.

A student of Vedanta, Stefanos applies this ancient wisdom to his own interactions with his mind, emotions, other men and deepened intimate relationships. He brings this ancient power in to a modern context – honouring the lineage, whilst being relatable.

Through his diverse, deep & varied background; for the last 15 years Stefanos has been at the forefront of innovating the global Health & Wellness Industry, whilst being a sought-after innovator in the personal transformation, relationship & leadership space. He spends his time facilitating, creating and leading immersive retreats around the world.

After struggling immensely most of his life with fear around freedom and commitment, delving deep into and shifting his own pain and shadows, Stefanos has now found incredible freedom THROUGH commitment – to his own path, love, his service, his beautiful fiancee and his inspired-driven life.

It is Stefanos’s mission to help you reconnect with your truth, and empower you to create the abundant life that you deserve.

“Stefanos has great adaptability – regardless of the challenge he will find a way to keep moving forward, being effective and draw you closer to your goals. Stefanos’s attitude towards life is a journey of self discovery with purpose and unwavering focused intention in anything and every action. It is his way of being and relating that allows those around him to thrive off his energy and wisdom.”

Daniel “The Rock” Dawson – 8 Time World Champion Fighter

On this powerful 3-month journey you will learn the foundations of health, vitality and physical empowerment as a basis and extension for living in an empowered and integrated state.


The latest neuroscience bio hacks for evolving our physiology


Ancient and modern mindfulness and mind-body integrative principles for optimal health


Breathing techniques to enhance your quality of life, your body and the way you feel


Cultivate the confidence of a warrior king to become the most confident man in the room


How to be a heart-based warrior ready for anything life throws at him


How to be a responsible leader of yourself, your family, your business and your community 


Proper nutrient timing, nutritional principles to enhance your physical vitality


Engaged movement patterning and the principles for epic health and vitality


Optimizing sleep patterns, managing energy, enhancing intra-cellular health and improve fitness


How to speak to women with respect and unbridled self-belief


How to have a healthy work / life balance that matters and that aligns with your purpose


How to speak to women with respect and unbridled self-belief

As a result you will feel and have:


Deeper clarity of purpose and vision for self


Tools to break free from old negative habitual patterns that are running your life


Deeper and more connected sex, attraction and charisma


Stronger discipline and devotion to your purpose and values


More time for extracurricular activities, fun, play and vision


Experience a more profound meditation and spiritual practice


Greater energy for what we value, fitness and play (fun)


A greater sense of your own sensuality and improved sexual performance


More time and energy for intimacy with lovers and loved ones


An ability to connect to what you value and live your dreams


Better overall posture, core strength and overall performance


Stronger discernment, authority and integrity

“As I prepared for overseas operations that Stefanos was able to assist me with coping mechanisms, visualization and relaxation techniques that proved to be essential elements for creating focus and composure during times of stress and fatigue. Furthermore, without judgment or ego, Stefanos is what I consider a trusted advisor, coach and friend. He listens to your needs, observes the context and evaluates the situation and assist with treatment strategies for life. As a man in a world of Alfa males, it can be difficult to show emotion or compassion, as this can be perceived as weakness.”

Daniel J – Former member of The Australian Special Forces

Embodying The Conscious Warrior

Over the 3-month journey we will draw on and explore the 12 core tenets of The Conscious Warrior model as we delve deep into the inner sanctuary of our Self.

We come together as a brotherhood redefining the depths of our masculinity and embodying a new paradigm of being – we are literally creating the ground we walk on with INNOVATIVE MASCULINITY.

Week 1 Ownership & Personal Power

We experience personal power when we assume ownership for our gifts, our deficits and the entire spectrum of what makes us who we are. Ownership of these postures is what grants us authentic power. We learn to embrace the shadow and feel truly connected to all that we are. Perpetual and continued shame and guilt has no place here. 

This tenet is fundamental in helping us to feel and be open to the posturing of responsibility necessary for innate transformation and transmutation of behaviours and actions that no longer serve us. When we accept and hold responsibility for who we are, we shatter self-destructive patterns and limiting beliefs.

Week 2 Reflection, Solitude & Stillness

As men, we require immersion in to silence, stillness and solitude. It is this space that allows us to carefully contemplate our existence, our path, our ways, our behaviours  and the manner in which we treat ourselves and others. We learn very specific and ancient introspective practices that allow us to explore our inner realm with great  clarity and depth. These deep practices allow us to show up in greater harmony in the manner in which we relate to what we care about.

We are not speaking to unhealthy isolation or hiding from the world. We are speaking openly to deliberate and intended time and space in stillness and solitude in order to gain greater insight around who we are and how we wish to behave and think in this world. We master the art of thought and will in this section. 

Week 3 Movement & Connection

Crucial to understanding ourselves and treading a path of self-gnosis (awareness and wisdom) – movement and connection is all about being with our bodies, whilst simultaneously connecting to Earth and other healthy men.

This principle explores the power of healthy connection in various areas of our lives and does so through a lens of physicality – allowing the physical vessel to be an extension of the spiritual self. We unpack ‘The Triad Of Health’ and we master the body as a tool to express ourselves authentically in this world. We begin to understand the power of our strength and further connect meaning and function to our biology and physiology by honoring our evolutionary adaptations. We learn to be strong as a natural function of what it means to be a man and we direct this strength towards good.

Week 4 Purposeful & Passionate

Here, we unpack the value and passion in purposefulness. We learn how to consciously communicate through mastery of The Conscious Communication Model (BONUS MATERIAL) and we learn how to show up authentically in life. It is through our authentic posturing that we realise the value that we bring to this world and we ultimately express that through a clear channel of passion and purpose.

Clarity is wisdom and wisdom is empowering. We further learn how to create and maintain authentic momentum in life whilst honouring the women in our lives through our connected and inclusive purpose. Beyond this, we learn how to incorporate fun and play in to everything we do. We master the art of GIVING and RECEIVING as a means to living on and in purpose.

Week 5 Inspired Action

In this principle we are able to transcend what no longer serves us (take the wisdom and the teaching from previous embodied states and grow inclusively). We live from a place of higher-ordered action. This principle allows us to live an expanded life and follows on from the other 11 principles.

Action becomes effortless, seamless and connected. Beyond this, we are living from a state of being that is evolved and inclusive of more than just ourselves. We learn how to reverse the polarity of selfishness and transmute our ‘male’ energies and use them from a perspective of holism, empowerment and connectedness. Essentially, we truly learn and master leaving a legacy through global giving and living beyond the sole purpose of our individual expression. The rewards reaped from this are immeasurable. We unlock the secrets for doing so. 

Week 6 Honouring, Admiration & Belief

This principle is about forging deep respect and an ability to receive fully from the feminine without distortion of the gift or the message. As men, we are often exceptional givers, but can we truly receive? Can we transcend the stigmas attached to receiving and not associate this with weakness?

We honor so deeply that we wish not to change the feminine but to rather BE with that motion and with that dance. We learn key postures in how to relate in this way, maximise our expression and presence, whilst gaining deeply from the raw and open power of the women in our lives. We debunk masculine / feminine dynamics and gain clarity on the balanced integration of this. This helps us relate and understand women deeper. 

Further, we learn to equilibrate, recognise the harmony and balance the polarity within through various journeys of deep admiration and connection to the divine feminine. And we ultimately do this by recognising our own sacredness and divinity as men through key forgiveness, empathy, compassion practices and practices of safety.

Week 7 Verticality & Discernment

Here we learn to immerse in to complete presence and the benefits of embodying this posture. We learn to discern but from a place of love, connection and authenticity – not abhorrence, intolerance, fear and hate.

We learn to develop and cultivate assertiveness in masculinity that bonds male truth to all aspects of self and to the feminine outside of himself. We learn to move in harmonious balance especially in intimate relationship, where our connection is not over played or non-existent. We learn to achieve this through the understanding the 3 Stages Of The Healthy Self. 

We also grow through the releasing of unhealthy masculine practices that are divisive, oppressive and not fair to our own growth and that of society. We learn that verticality is a combination of: confidence, certainty, stability in expression and consistency in behaviour. I provide you with the tools to MASTER this!

Week 8 Selfish Selflessness

We explore the 6 basic premises that underpin the posture of selfish selflessness. Selfish selflessness is one of the most natural states and postures to assume and one of the most challenging. When we move with an intention to ‘evolve’, grow and expand our capacities, expressions, minds and the entirety of our beings we are being ‘selfish’ but in a healthy, constructive, additive (adding value to life) and inspiring manner.

When we couple this movement with a synergistic intent to move in this way because we realise we are of greater value to others then we increase our capacity to be of service to others and we are acting selflessly. Marry the two states and we have selfish selflessness. We cannot be great without focusing on ourselves and as you will learn if we solely focus on ourselves we limit actualising our potentiality. We are prosocial beings – If we simultaneously focus on others and ourselves, we all benefit – especially as our culture is becoming more connected, integrated and complex as a social organism.

Week 9 Intelligence

This principle is loaded – in the sense that it covers every facet of life. We gain mastery over the 9 Areas Of Life; we master mature expression of self; our emotional, physical (health), spiritual, sexual, mental and relational bodies are connected to and mastered and we delve in to the neuroscience of behaviour and healthy expression. Mastered and directed sexual union becomes a powerful point for revelation in this principle.

We also explore in great depth vulnerability and intimacy practices and how the truth of this allows us to experience aliveness, richness and authenticity in our relationships. We observe monogamy and non-monogamy and determine which is best for you! There is a great deal here, inclusive of bonus lessons. 

Here, the ‘intelligent’ man needn’t control, we learn how to be compassionate, empathetic, connected, worthy, valued within oneself and we learn how not to pity and make excuses. We learn to observe the world from an encompassing vantage point that ultimately liberates us from pain. Further, in this principle we explore embodied mindfulness and masterful praxis and we learn how not be emasculated by also having astute awareness around the depths of our own shadow and others.

Week 10 Sacred Ritualistic & Esoteric Practice

This is all about grounding in a regular, defined and committed personal spiritual practice and habits that bring about connection, solace, wisdom and the evolution, growth and expansion of self. We learn to do this on our own and with other men through profound rites of passage. In this principle we realise that the masculine is the depth (consciousness) and the feminine is the light – and it is the light that shines her wisdom on our depth. We learn to create wholeness rather than fracture within ourselves through the merging of polarity through sacred ritual. We then realise that we are all connected, we are one in unity – this is the realisation of the conscious warrior.

Week 11 Divine Worship & Surrender

This principle draws in complete reverence for the feminine / Shakti, Earth, Yoni, Women, Children in to our lives in order to improve and evolve our lives – to add to our wholeness, so that we can then feel and give further and deeper with greatness. We do not lose our sense of masculinity here. But rather we gain profoundly.

We learn to sustain desire through regulating the heart (our heart is the flow of desire) – we bring our power in to our hearts and sublime ourselves in this space – we essentially transmute our lust in to our gifts, whilst learning to keep our sexual energy charged in the most healthiest of ways. In this principle we also go deep in to the concept of Chivalry and the contemporary man. We cultivate sincere praxis around this and provide the tools to be a Chivalrous Modern Man. 

We further learn to surrender (or rather as men ‘create PRESENCE’) and therefore must be open in posture and vulnerable in doing so. We relinquish our stronghold on attempting to control our circumstances and who we are. Part of this entails us to let go of the attempt to be correct (we learn the tools in breaking thousands of years of extreme patriarchal expression and unhealthy, autocratic dominant practices). We transmute the unhealthy in to the healthy. We become more comfortable not needing to know everything and we learn to simply be open and present to growth in the ‘NOW’ moment. This vulnerability in choosing to consciously connect with those we love redefines how we interact with the women in our lives and how we choose to worship their presence from a healthy, connected and non-attached place.

Week 12 Explorer

This principle is about freedom, love and learning to orientate life in a healthy, inclusive, connected and evolved manner. When we are orientated towards our purpose we become free to express our truth. We explore the self, the Universe, others, ideas, wisdom, beliefs and our own models of reality. We pursue and explore what we are about according to our values. We do not unhealthily compromise our power, freedom or exploration of life and we learn how to satisfy something that is deeply innate within all humans and particularly men.

Self-reliance also plays a massive role in this principle and we explore this diligently and at great depth. Whilst doing so, NEVER compromising our sense of being MAN. We maintain solid solar and masculine practices to ensure viability in our newly exposed behaviours. We go back t our roots of exploration and learn what it means to be resilient, tough and ready to adapt to what life throws at us and what we choose to bring in to our lives. 


“It is so refreshing when someone simply “gets you”. He challenged me and pushed me to my limits, but never did I feel like he was not on my side. He is a professional, extremely committed to his craft and exceptionally good at it. Relatable, authentic and real, he has a no-bullshit approach to everything that really resonated with me. If you want to be listened to, go to see anyone. If you want to be heard, see Stef. And be prepared to meet yourself. Fully!”

Miles Sterjovski – Former International Soceroo & Premier League Player

Here’s What You Receive

You will be supported and guided through your 3-month journey in a sacred and transformative container. AS a warrior on the path to Reclaiming Your Kingdom yo u will receive the following benefits:

1-on-1 Mentorship With Stefanos

You receive 3 x 1-on-1 DEEP-DIVE mentoring sessions over the journey if you sign up on the highest package. These mentorship sessions are laser-focused and designed to facilitate a quantum shift in your consciousness.

Elite Health Protocol

Unleash your physical presence with a health, wellness and movement protocol – simple, yet powerful. You will learn to integrate your body and mind whilst accessing Stefanos’ vast expertise working with some of the most high performing males in the world.

Intensive Group Training

Direct weekly connection in immersive live webinars led by Stefanos. All sessions are recorded, saved and you will have lifetime access to all recordings. These webinars are a safe and evolving container for your accelerated evolution.

Warrior Challenges

These immersive, concentrated, explorative and fun challenges will strengthen your neural networks, adjust your behavioural patterning, allow you to reevaluate your beliefs and create new neuronal mapping that aligns with your goals, vision for self and embody the whole person you wish to be.


  • Continuous connection and access to a supportive group of healthy, conscious men
  • Access to additional models, bonus lessons, teachings and modules 
  • Comprehensive and RICH lesson plans and additional videos 
  • The ability to share and connect in ‘physical real time’ with other conscious men
  • 1 information rich lesson (with insightful tools for deep change) covering each principle
  • 1 video accompanying each lesson
  • Access to experienced and able Guardians Of The Warriors to help support your journey

YOU also receive bonus gifts worth over $1k IF YOU SIGN UP NOW!


The Labyrinth Of Life – Passages of Truth Expressed through Thought-Provoking Wisdom. A book to help you through challenge

10 guided meditations

Receive 10 transformative guided meditations recorded by Stefanos

life planning protocol

This comprehensive guide empowers you to clear the clutter in your life and plan your life with precision

SHADOW self bonus module

Learn to release what fears and pains are holding you back from true mastery


bushido video training series

Learn to be a modern day warrior – The Bushido Way teaches us resilience and toughness

Praise For Reclaim Your Kingdom



(Most Value – Lowest Overall Price – 1 on 1 Sessions Excluded)


High Leverage Value – Inclusive of 1 on 1 sessions

The journey begins in . . .








Common Questions Answered

Is this course only for men?

Yes, this is an immersive journey only for men designed to take you down a path of connection, sovereignty and redefining what it means to be a man in this day and age.

Will these sessions be recorded?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded for you to download and access as you desire.

How will we meet? What is the frequency, timing, etc?

We meet weekly via an online media platform such as Zoom.

You will be emailed a link at the beginning of each week to access the live webinar and recordings. We will meet for 1-2 hours every week for 3 months. Our sessions are not timed per se. Be prepared to go deep into the self each week. Be prepared to be flexible as session times and days, alongside notice of this may change. This expression of adaptibility will prepare you readily for the unknown. Note, how you react to this and what emotions arise?

Is this immersive journey for children (young men)?

Yes. Absolutely!

13 years of age and older is recommended but a personal interview with your mentor and guide, Stefanos will determine suitability. As young men, it is imperative we move through a very connected rite of passage. This is a perfect gift to give the young men in your life from a perspective of learning how to be a healthy man.

My Journey

Stuck In A Cycle Of Despair 

For so much of my life, I sought external validation from my father. The old father wounding, can any of you resonate? I wanted to make my father proud! No matter what I did, I could not. It was an endless bottomless pit. I suffered for it. I threw everything in to being outwardly successful. So many of us are driven by the unconscious need to impress others.

To feel our sense of self-worth come from how others perceive us and feel about us. Successful? Yes! Content? No. I was never happy. My accolades and achievements felt empty most of the time, only for a brief moment did I feel full, it was fleeting and I was disappointed again… Until I became aware of this, I was run by it. When I released the need to make him or anyone else happy, my life changed and I’ll tell you more about that soon.




These decisions are based on how we feel. Our feelings drive our behaviours and our experiences.

When we are disconnected, we experience disharmony.

I was this person.

I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of ‘bad’, misaligned choices that had me running from myself, sabotaging love and relationships.

I was f*****g frustrated, struggling in my career, being in an internal state of friction and overall being unkind, fearful, angry and out of control in my behaviours.

I got hit hard with a reality check and was shaken to the core.

I was left confronted with my actions, experiencing deep shame and guilt.

My businesses were falling apart, my relationship was exposed and I was left raw and open.

It turned my world upside down. What I thought was real and ‘right’ in my life was false. I had to completely rearrange, restructure and reconstruct who I thought I was – inclusive of my beliefs, patterns, models of reality and movement through the world.

So I had to dive deep


The key to this transformation was when my intimate and romantic relationship became unravelled. I was dishonest and immensely out of integrity.

I needed to change and I did not have the courage to consciously choose to do so, so I was ‘forced’. I am more than happy this occurred.

It sent me down a path of profound awakening and realisation.

You see, I have been intellectually, spiritually, physically and even emotionally ‘intelligent’ for most of my life. Developing mal-adaptive and survival based coping strategies to survive as a child that fitted with the persona of outwardly (and in a projected way) having it all together, but internally silently sufferng.

I carried these in to my adult relationships – I was ‘relationally unintelligent’. I was self-absorbed, was driven by unconscious belief systems and disconnected from reality. I essentially self-sabotaged my life, but not intensely enough to assume the responsibility of looking inwardly. Times were about to change…

To choose to awaken to this was a gift.

A difficult one that brought me to the brink of death many times and intense pain, but a worthwhile one. I moved through it with great revelation and for this I am deeply grateful.


My Darkest Moment


The darkest aspect of this journey was realising I really was inauthentic and deeply fractured as a man and as a human.

I was confronted with my choices.

My choices to be unfaithful, secretive, to live in shadows, to SAY and STATE one thing and be and DO another.

To realise the immense pain of all of this. To then consciously choose to begin from zero-point was challenging to say the least.

There were many times when I contemplated ending this existence.

Immersion in to the unknown, the mystery and the darkness disillusioned me.

Realising my behaviour was weak, fear-based and apathetic was difficult. My ego took a huge hit. Multiple ‘ego deaths’ will do that to you.

How I Rose From The Ashes

I made a CHOICE. I became WILLING. I became COMMITTED. I gained CERTAINTY & CLARITY through my confusion, fear and doubt. For I was not able to witness any other way. It was either death or CHANGE. I transmuted my extreme sexual behaviours and unchecked addictions in to inspired and purpose-filled, meaningful projects and service. By mastering my mind, my emotions, my body and my spirit in an INTEGRATED and WHOLE way.

But first, I had to FEEL. I had to choose to immerse in to the mystery of life and face the reality of never coming back (at least not as I once was). I felt the anger, the spectrum of fears, the pain. I felt it all FULLY, not in a pretend or fractured way, but to its end.

This also meant ‘losing’ all that I knew – friends, businesses, beliefs, how I identified with the world and all I knew was safe. 

I realised that I had developed mal-adaptive and survival based (compensatory) coping strategies as a child to survive. Growing up in emotional and physical abuse was volatile and shaped the way I viewed the world and behaved – it was time to change all of that. I carried these into my adult relationships – I was ‘relationally unintelligent’ and I now had an opportunity to shift it all. 

I was self-absorbed, was driven by unhealthy unconscious belief systems and disconnected from reality and the needs of others. I was simply put: hyper-selfish.

To choose to awaken into my true power and strength was a humbling and necessary gift.

A difficult one that brought me to the brink of death and intense pain, but a worthwhile one. I moved through it with great revelation and for this I am grateful.

From Chaos To Clarity


As I stepped into my healthy masculine, reframed what it meant to be a man and continued to redefine my path in alignment with congruent action and truth I stepped into a more inspired state of being.

Darkness became my friend, fear became neutralised. I moved into the unknown and gained dramatically from doing so. I related to fear differently , from a place of greater trust, awareness and knowing.

I felt more comfortable and therefore did not feel the need to be on edge so much. The entirety of my life transformed. My relationships improved, my communication became highly conscious. I stopped going to pornography and sex for comfort and avoidance. I no longer needed to be validated by others. I became more sovereign in being – more independent and free-thinking and feeling. I lived life on MY terms in a considerate-of-others way.

I became more aware, discerning, trustworthy, reliable, connected, honourable and vertical (confident, consistent and stable in my expression). I became safe to myself and to others. This was liberating.

I experienced FREEDOM for the first time. No longer fearful of commitment, or not feeling free. I felt responsible and was proud of this. I felt the permission to give to others knowing I was coming from a place of authenticity and integrity. I found my own inner sacred union  and I found freedom THROUGH commitment. 

Men, do you want that feeling? It’s possible!

My career and service took shape, gained real momentum and I developed undeniable clarity and presence.

I felt powerful in a connected and endearing way. I know this is also possible for you and the myriad of tools I have utilised and developed to allow this to occur has transformed my life dramatically AND IT WILL YOURS!

We Must Learn To Lead Laterally

Reclaim Your Kingdom: The Warriors Code is for inspired men yearning to lead laterally.

This is for men like you, who desire to evolve into your fullest expression, not just for yourself but also for the women in your lives, your children, your Earth, your present and your future.

Reclaim Your Kingdom – A Warrior’s Code is about bringing back collective and individual healthy values of our ancestors and learning to assimilate them in contempory times and today’s modern world.

As contemporary men, we have lost touch and connection with what matters most. A power that we hold, that can be used with such clarity, inclusivity and trust.

We have lost our ability to be harmonious, empowered, fair & equitable, just & inclusive, centred, poised, in mastery of our faculties, strong and compassionate

We have been told by society and compounded cultural constructs to be one way, yet we are causing deeper disconnect than ever before through our current fear-based actions.

We can leverage the skills and tools we currently have. We can lean upon where we excel and bring this power in to the evolution of humanity. 

We can transform this. We can evolve this.

Our time is NOW.!

You are ready, we are ready – no more unhealthy isolation! Together we can stand in verticality and strength – discernment and authentic power.


Health Is A Pillar Of Self-Mastery

It becomes imperative we value our health! As men, we negate our health. The value of health should be a part of every person’s life. Men, we need to be healthy.

My extensive background in working with special forces military, gold medal Olympians, world champion fighters, amputees and elite athletes has allowed me to understand first-hand the importance of integrated health and wellness as a platform for living our lives fully, connectedly and in integrity.

The Reclaim Your Kingdom Program lays a foundation of health as an integral premise for transformation, empowerment and strength for all areas of our lives.

The healthier you are, the more you can give to life, your purpose, your relationships and yourself.

Too many of us move through life in deeply unhealthy states and wonder why we are never fully connected or happy. We must embrace health, movement, proper nutrition and physical presence as a foundation for living abundantly, happily and connected.

The Importance Of Ritual Initiation

Up until recently, boys were led into individuation through sacred ritual initiation.

A transitory ceremony from boyhood to manhood, led by male elders to test and usher a boy into manhood. Depending on the culture, boys were guided with ethical principles of how to move through the world as a man.

We miss this in today’s society and there is a dedicated principle that covers this theme of initiation in this program.

  • The Greeks had a ritual initiation known as the Dokimasia. An interview held by an assembly of local representatives to determine whether a young man had developed the physical and mental faculties to become a contributing member of society. If he passed he was then deemed worthy of owning land, fighting for his country and voting.

  • The native Americans had a vision quest, where a young man ventures out into the woods, completely forgoes food and water for 3-4 days and uses that time to pray to the spirits that they may have a vision – one that will help them find their grand and connected purpose in life, their role in their community, and how they may best serve the people that are a part of their community.


  • The Australian Aboriginal people had ‘walkabouts and other varied practices.
  • Deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon lives the Satere-Mawe tribe. To become a man in the Satere-Mawe, a boy must stick his hand in a glove woven with bullet ants and withstand their stings for over 10 minutes without making a noise.

A New Paradigm Of Masculinity

Up until recently, every civilization around the world has had some sort of ritual to deem their boys worthy of the honour of manhood.

Transitioning from boyhood to manhood with guidance, support and structure from elders who were deemed wise and connected to Earth men was a powerful catalyst for healthy masculine expression.

We are missing this in modernity and it needs to change.

We cover this in the Reclaim Your Kingdom program.

For they wisely understood without this, boys would be left to their own devices to figure out what it means to be a man on their own and this is dangerous.

This disconnects men, makes them feel not worthy of attention and this behaviour can morph in to something extreme.

Increasing the likelihood of missing the deep significance of manhood to society and eventually perverting masculinity into the extreme expression of abhorrence or timidness that we experience today.

Our women are distressed, confused and are fed up and so are men.

The time to evolve is now.

We begin with awareness, education and a collective shift out of this paradigm.


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